Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Rules

I really like self-set rules. I can see why people don't. Freedom and all that. But, not me. I just like making choices and stickin' to 'em. I was wishy-washy on eating fish for years. Periods of yes, periods of no, then just trying to limit it...but it was just too hard. When it doubt, cut it out. Bye tuna. I miss you most of all.

This summer while teaching Sunday School to a group of juniors in high school, we came across the question, "If we are supposed to enjoy our lives but not be fixated on do we live?" It's a good question--for all religions. I mean, Buddhists eat.

So I thought a bunch and studied a lot, and I came up with four rules.

Enjoy earthy pleasures as long as...

1. you're not putting your opportunities at risk. Example: Indulging in an illegal substance for which you could potentially get caught and fined or jailed for.

2. you're not trying to replace a spiritual quality with the materiality. Example: Buying new clothes because they will make you beautiful, instead of buying clothes that are beautiful to compliment the beauty you already possess.

3. you get legitimately angry or frustrated if you are separated from the materiality. Example: Getting extremely fussy when you don't have dessert after a meal.

4. the indulgence is one you can pull away from and out of if someone were to need help. Example: Getting so drunk you couldn't offer advice to a family member calling in a crisis.

I really like these. Follow 'em!

Amazing chocolates my mom got me from Bruges! Chocolate--my biggest vice.

Some men are born to live at ease, doing what they please, richer than the bees are in honey.

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