Thursday, January 27, 2011

Names for My Technology

My first iPod: Frenchie

I bought her a bright pink case. It reminded me of Frenchie from Grease, the girl who accidentally dyes her hair pink in beauty school.

My second iPod: Abner

RIP French--you were hella buggy and froze a lot. The Apple store replaced you with a guy identical. Including the bugs. At the time (2005) my bff was KHo. She had an ex-bf named Andrew who I would always accidentally call Abner. We thought this was really really funny, especially after we figured out the pig in Hey Arnold! was named Abner.

My third iPod: Tootie

Abner died the first morning of Speech Nationals in 2006. Inconvenient much?! There went my pump-up jam playlists! When I replaced Abner, I named the new gal Tootie after a character in my Nationals speech.

MacBook: Bernadette Mac

I wanted something really official and special--like Bernadette Peters. Plus, when shortened, she became "Bernie Mac."

iPod Video: Troy Daniels

When Tootie bit it, I upgraded to a black Video. I was with Kay at the time, and he said I should name it Troy Daniels after a black kid he beat at water basketball who later went on to be a really good collegiate player. I thought this was a good idea.

iPod Shuffle: Calamity Jane

Isn't that a good name for a little pink thing that plays stuff at random?

Little iPod Shuffle: Rosemary

My dad got me a little silver thin shuffie in 2009. The model didn't last long. I listened to it a lot backstage of Summer Brave. I named it after my character.

New MacBook: Kurt

In memory of Kurt Vonnegut's death day (near when I got the new computer) and my favorite Glee character. Dur!

iPhone: Wright

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