Sunday, May 1, 2011

Perfect Day

Today I asked my sister what he perfect day would look like--all bets off. Then, she asked me. Without thinking too much, just going with my gut, I thought of this. Now, several hours later, I stand by my gut answer.

-Wake up and pray/meditate outside as the sun rises.
-Go on a long relaxing run through the desert, listening to a mix of five-star music.
-Take a Japanese bath.
-Curl up in bed to watch a new episode of The Office or SNL while hair dries.
-Have breakfast at a restaurant with a couple/few very good friends. Order several dishes including (but not limited to) cinnamon french toast, chocolate chip muffins, avocado goat cheese eggs benedict, greek yogurt, fruit smoothies.
-Spend several hours on a beach with a group of high schoolers/college kiddos, answering all their life questions and encouraging them to make good choices.
-Rehearse for a musical theatre production. (A good one--obvi.)
-Enjoy a light meal (bagel? sushi roll? a little palak paneer?) and iced coffee while reading a novel.
-Perform in an improv show with a small and sincere cast.
-Go out for dessert with the cast of the show. While at the dessert find out one of my castmates is anti-gay rights and convince him/her to see the light.
-Sleep with windows open, able to see moon and stars.

This exercise filled me with gladness because all the elements of my perfect day are attainable to me, and probably will be, for the rest of my life. No parasailing or expensive restaurants, no work at a career I can't have--just helping kids, doing theatre, singing, dancing, eating breakfast. Life is really good! Perfection is within reach! The kingdom of iced coffee is upon us!

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