Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Ideas I'm Thinking About Thanks to Muff

After dipping my feet into the Mississippi last month. It had to be done.

Muff visited me for an entire week. A week! Here are some new ideas I am churning:

-Could there really be an afterlife? Would all existential crisis be terminated if you believed so?
-What exactly is the study of literature?
-Some people don't have any self-confidence. That should be remembered.
-It's really nice to not worry about being left out.
-Infinity exists in a small patch of woods. There are orb-weavers there.
-Our relationship with things that can be sensed is really just brain power making us think we have a relationship. Like, when you think about it, what does food actually taste like, and why do we like it?
-You can go crazy trying to prove your own philosophies right, but if they are right, they probably can't be proven--especially by you alone.
-If you believe in the whole person, everything about the person can be beautiful and complete.

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