Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wise Men Say

These were, for better or for worse, THE songs of my 22nd year. Woof. In chronological importance because in order of importance was too dang difficult.

1. Ready to Run--The Dixie Chicks
an anthem to a year of running and loving it
2. Like a Prayer--Glee Cast
an anthem for running at camp early early AM with memories of counselors past dancing in my head
3. Baby--Justin Beiber
an anthem dedicated to all the munchkins I spent June-August trying to entertain
4. Telephone--Lady Gaga
an anthem for dancing/personal fashion shows/hair doodling all year
5. You Can't Hurry Love--The Concretes
an anthem that played at the end of my capstone reading
6. Airplanes--B.O.B
an anthem to self-aware wistful summer nights as the college cleared out
7. Dynamite--Tao Cruiz
an anthem to self-loathing and bad habits
8. High and Lonesome--The Gaslight Anthem
an anthem by an anthem for feeling lazy and unproductive in my new skin
9. Head Full of Doubt--The Avett Brothers
an anthem for finding hope at the beginning of new jobs, for fall in the Midwest
10. Blood Bank--Bon Iver
an anthem for the last winter I could handle and love's bones breaking
11. Breakeven--The Backbeats
an anthem for lifting weights in my sister's cold apartment during over Christmas vacation
12. Firework--Katy Perry
an anthem for new beginnings--specifically 12 AM January 1st
13. Fire Burning--Sean Kingston
an anthem for being happy all the time
14. Reflections--The Supremes
an anthem to belt in the car on the way to speech tournaments
15. All for the Best--Godspell
an anthem for a rejuvenation in my heart about theatre/finishing my grad school apps during ACTF
16. What the Hell--Avril Lavigne
an anthem for feeling free, happy, as young as I am
17. Cherry Lane--Ryan Adams
an anthem dedicated to interest in others blooming
18. Champagne--In the Heights
an anthem for new friends with expiration dates
19. Invisible Ink--Aimee Mann
an anthem for discovering true, natural, organic beauty everywhere
20. Moment 4 Life--Nicki Menaj & Drake
an anthem that blared in Nac's car in N.C. on one of the best vacays of all time
21. I Speak Six Languages--25th Annual
an anthem I perform
22. Can't Help Falling in Love--Elvis
an anthem for getting a lot of things done and being very proud and very unemotional

What were last year's? Here you go:

Also-rans were "Globes and Maps" because I cried as it was performed during the SoCo reunion concert and "Prepare Ye" because I was very spiritual this year.


Mary said...

Um, your birthday this year (2011) will mark the end of your 23rd year and the beginning of your 24th year. I know, who asked me? Nobody.

AliceOutOfContext said...

Oh, I see what you mean. Haha for a moment I was thinking, "HAVE I BEEN 23 FOR A WHOLE YEAR?!"

Ah. Okay. Okay.