Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Can't Believe I Am Leaving the Place I've Been for the Last Five Years

The last day of second grade was just about the most beautiful spring day I could have imagined. I wore a floral print dress, and the school day was shortened. Our teacher let us arrange the desks any way we wanted. My girl gang made up a pod, and we laughed laughs of sustainable friendship--knowing we'd be back together in the fall, if not sooner.

We played Heads Up 7-Up until the bell rang. I skipped out, skirt fluttering, into the bright June afternoon. The grass was freshly cut, and my dad was waiting in the parking lot. He was very happy for me. I had loved second grade. My report card showed straight "A"s. We went for celebratory cookies at the bakery on Harlem. I usually adored standing at the glass cabinet of sweets and pointing to the various kinds--creating the perfect box assortment, but that day, I was in a mess of tears.

When we had walked in, my dad had announced it was my last day of second grade to the lady at the counter. She smiled hugely, "Hooray!" and I broke down. My dad looked frightened, not for me, but for himself. The lady looked at him skeptically: Why is your kid so messed up? He kind of winced and tried to cheer me up in front of the stranger. It was to no avail. I was sad all day.

Blossom blooming outside Dad's house. May 1st, 2011.

A List of My Favorite Cookies:
1. Orange chocolate chip made my my old English professor. They are perfectly fluffy.
2. Mini chocolate chip made by my sister. They are tiny and chock-ful of vanilla.
3. Sugar with sprinkles from that bakery on Harlem.
4. Huge molasses/ Heath cookies from camp.

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Katie Jane said...

You said you were going to make your blog funny. WHAT IS THIS!?