Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Special Little Sparkle Secrets for You and Only You!

Birthday 2010.

Special sparkle secrets happen when you know something other people don't know and it makes you very happy--not in a creepy lording information over others and/or insider trading way*. In a tiny creme clam shell way.

Some examples of Special Little Sparkle Secrets:
-When someone who doesn't know you are casually dating someone casually says favorable things about the person you are dating. You feel cool because your romantic interest is cool and so are you because you have good taste! It's a compliment from this third party, and they didn't even know it was!
-When you go back to work after lunch, and you just had some really good cheesecake.
-Walking back super sweaty from the gym knowing you just ran really far and really fast. People on the sidewalk just see the sweat. But YOU know.
-Hearing your birthdate mentioned. Like, you see a preview, and then BAM! "Coming to Theatres on _____ ___!"..."The date they said was MY BIRTHDAY." Obviously, it doesn't matter, but it sparks this mini-ignition in your personally. Just a little sparkle. For you and only you.

My birthday is approaching, and it tickles me to hear the day discussed. I'm not so self-centered to even care very much about my birthday, but I think I'll always feel a little special when I see that a park was dedicated on the day, I see the date on a rehearsal schedule, someone mentions it as the day the final paper is due, the library books must be returned.

There is a secret that we keep.
I won't sleep if you won't sleep
because tonight may be the last chance we are given.
We are compelled to do
what we must do.
We are compelled to do what we have been forbidden.
So I won't sleep if you won't sleep tonight.

*Just watched Wall Street last weekend...Yeah, you could say I know a thing or two** about the stock market.
**Really, if that movie taught me anything it's that I literally only know one or two things about the stock market. During no fewer than six scenes I had to look over at my sister and make exaggerated, "What the dustbuster is going on!?" faces. Mostly, I can't believe that shouting and holding slips of paper business on a cramped floor of business men is actually how the nation's economy functions.**
***If we don't do the whole hollering in the bull pen thing anymore, I have no idea because my concept of stocks and stuff is 88% made up of a fictional 80s movie starring the world's number one winning lunatic/coke head.


Kate said...

I'm glad we feel the same way about our birthdays! I probably call it out way too much, but it's so suddenly joyous for some reason.

Mary said...

Is it wrong that I get a kick out of seeing my birthday when I check the time? March 20th = 3:20.