Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Last weekend was opening weekend of Spelling Bee. After the Friday and Saturday shows, most cast members went out drinking/partying. They'd ask, "Where are you going? Where were you last night?" As if being in a community theatre performance is reason to celebrate with no inhibitions. I don't want to sound like a complete grouch/grinch. It is a celebratory event! And, yeah, I did work hard, but I also had a lot of fun, and being in the show was something I did for myself. I don't feel like I "deserve" much after completing a self-serving extra-ciricular.

On Sunday after the matinee, I gave myself one treat--a large mocha with chocolate sprinkles. I am living on a budget as I ramp up for grad school, and I praise every little cup of coffee I buy. But it was not a reward because I had just finished our first weekend. I deserved the mocha because it was raining outside, and I was sitting in a cozy cafe with stacks of reading, writing, grading, and corresponding to do because I had a hectic work week on top of tech week. I deserved a little chocolate and a little warmth.

Pie I ate on Pi Day 2011 with Mia!

On New Year's I performed with my improv group downtown. It was great, and in-between shows, people dashed out to the street fair to grab drinks. It was New Years after all. During one of my breaks, I headed into a little cafe that had pictures and crayons on every table. KWall, my sister, and I got to work chatting and coloring. I heard a little girl behind me saying, "Look, Mom! She was--!" I turned to see the girl pointing at me. They had just come from one of the improv shows. The mom coaxed her, "You can say hello! Now she's here coloring with friends like you!" But the girl just waved shyly to who she thought was a celeb. I waved back with the crayon in my hand--happy it wasn't a beer.