Friday, May 13, 2011

Pool Party

Sisters in front of an ice turkey on Thanksgiving. 2010.

Generally speaking, a lot of our problems come from thinking we are more important than we are. Thinking, "I have to do it or no one else will!" Of course, there is a time and a place for this kind of anxiety--like if you're alone in a building disabling a bomb, or if your sister is coming home after a very long dress rehearsal and will want cookies and ice cream because she skips dinner, so she can dance better AND YOU MUST PROVIDE HER WITH SNACKS!**

You know me, I'm against apathy. But, I am FOR realizing other people can do stuff. And other people should do stuff that you've grown out of or makes you miserable, you know?

You ain't the Pool of Bethesda! You can't solve everythang! Heck! Even the Pool of Bethesda could only heal one person per day!

**Sisters should provide sisters with snacks.

'Cause the stray that you found
That looked so cute at the pound
Now has you putting her down as rabid
If it was badder than bad
Well, then – you oughta be glad
You can break it like another habit

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