Saturday, April 30, 2011

Goodbye, Vegan April

This month was much more of a struggle than my vegan month two years ago. Here's why:

-I was eating in a college cafeteria all of the time then. It was less difficult to be places not eating things.
-Instead of just eating good healthy foods, I tried to skirt around wholesomeness as much as humanly possible while still being vegan. So things like eating thirty Oreos in one sitting or eighty spoonfuls of peanut butter happened a lot. And it took me a couple weeks to realize that's probably why I wasn't feeling super genki like a vegan should.
-I was much more aware that this was a month-long experiment, meaning I wasn't expecting lasting effects, meaning it was just a weird exercise in self-discipline instead of a learning experience. Once I realized how annoyed I was feeling with my self-imposed guilt, I dropped it, and tried to learn as much as I could about myself, my tastes, and my needs. Good stuff happened.
-Usually, I crave ice cream a couple times a month. I got that craving on April 2nd, and it never went away. The ice cream monster in my stomach was so happy today. I wasn't planning on ending this month with an explosion of contra-ban foods--that sort of negates what I was trying to accomplish, but, then, it was time for ice cream with my dad and sister, and, really, who objects to that?

Today, Tone's Cones

I learned:
You have to make every experience a learning experience. Just depriving yourself of something temporarily without learning is the lamest.
Acceptance of self and (through that understanding of self-acceptance) others is key. They key, I say!
You CANNOT be complacent in your actions when you know what you're doing is wrong, but it's healthier to look for progress rather than instant disappointment in yourself. Progress is the key also.

And I said what about Breakfast at Tiffany's?

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