Friday, April 29, 2011

Missing Michael Scott Already

Today I watched last week's and last night's episodes of The Office, and I cried during both. I love The Office. I have since I saw my first episode--Jim's Party--in George's basement in the fall of 2005. It's one of five shows I have seen from beginning to present (or end), and it is my favorite of them all.

I love Michael Scott.

Can we get a hallelujah for TV really quick? Because, yeah, sometimes it sucks. It's trashy or way focused on consumerism and marketing or, you know, it's just a never-ending train wreck of drama because that's supposedly the point of television? But, WOW, a movie could not ever get me as close to anyone as I am to Michael. I have spent years with Michael Scott. Two hours, no matter how brilliant, could never do the same.

And maybe some would argue that THAT'S why TV is poison--it makes us get close to people who are fictional when real people surround us. I disagree. I think Michael Scott has not disillusioned me with my own social interactions. He has made me be more loving. In real life, I would hate Michael. But, because I didn't ACTUALLY have to interact with him, I laughed at him, and then I grew to care about him, and now I cry to see him leave.

The ship awash our rudder gone.
The rats have fled but I'm hanging on.

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