Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Building Good Muscle!

Best brunch spot in the world. Closed last month. RIP!

Why are our instincts always doubt and fear? How can we correct this?

While talking to Wizzy about grad school today, I started to feel jittery. But, but, but what if I don't make any friends and I hate it and I'm not tan enough!?

In reality, I've been the new fish in the pond like nine-hundred different times in my life, and it always works out. BUT WHAT IF THIS IS THE TIME IT DOES NOT?

Everything is muscle. Every time I lift the three-pound weight, my arm gets a little stronger. It gets used to lifting up that weight. It expects it even.

Every time I think about my pale skin peeling in the AZ sun, I make my brain ready to imagine that thought again. This is how crazy people are made. You think a thought enough times, and that's really all you can think forevermore. It's why we are dependent on what we don't need and why we miss what we don't want. It's why we jump to doubt and fear first, and it's really not helpful.

In every single moment, I will try to atrophy the bad muscles and empower the good ones. This is my new plan.

Hotel in Arizona made us all wanna feel like stars.
Rental cars and tinted windows, leave another number for me.
Even if I make it through,
that's just something that I have to get used to.

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