Friday, April 8, 2011


Went to the bank this week. I am kind of scared of money, so I don't do things with money often. But, apparently, you need "credit" to do stuff in life, so you can't actually fear credit cards forever. Also, apparently, you should get a savings account sometimes. Whatevs.

I was wearing a key lime green sweatshirt and a braid. I sat down in a little office and squared myself with the dude:
"Look. I don't know much. But, apparently, pack-ratting my checking account with every dollar I've made since 2005 isn't actually the best way to do things." So, he helped me out--very nicely too. I asked a lot of questions.

And then came the part where he asked me how much I make a year. I kind of got noodley. "Buh..." I said.
"You don't know?" He asked. "So, you work hourly--"
"No," I countered.
"And you don't know how much you make?"
"No, it's's not really 'how much I make a year' because it's just a temporary one-year only type thing and--"
"Well, if you could just guess."
"No, I KNOW, it's just that it's not really an annual salary if I'm going back to school--"
"Well just--"
And then I said it. How much I made this year. And he waited and said, "Right, and for your other job?" And I said, "No. That's it. That's all I made this year."
And he make that OH-MY-GOD-I'M-MAKING-A-FACE-BUT-I'M-TRYING-TO-COVER-IT-WITH-A-SMILE face. I was onto him.

News: I got a Dean's Fellowship for graduate school. This is actually awesome. I told my sister who immediately replied, "Yippee! Your banker will be so thrilled!"

For real--would you give this hobo girl a credit card? Woof. Photo by Dunt--2009.

Oh, why must I feel this way?
Hey. Must be the money.

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Benjo said...

Hahaha, I made that same face at myself while doing my taxes. How about that Making Work Pay Credit, amirite?! It's like what I imagine the goody bag is for attending The Price is Right but not getting to play. Like, "Thanks just for showin' up! Better luck next time!"