Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mile Wide Smile

Today has been such a good day. You know why? I willed it to be. Yes, it works. I have been smiling, smiling, smiling. My friend Clara smiled so much all the time that she had so see someone and the someone had to jot notes in a pad and say, "Cut out the pearly whites, Missy. Your brain is feeling hoodwinked." But, this smile on my face has not been a smile that ties saddness down with an anchor. This smile has been a smile of sincerity. Alllll the live long day.

Today's game was beating frustration. Seriously! And instead of lying here like a tense block of grey matter, I am light and happy because I beat frustration fair and square.

Today seriously knocked me on my butt with disappointments and mistakes, but I smiled and was grateful. Side cramps on a run? Oh, it's a lovely day. Lost in the city? Enjoy all these people living their lives. Misunderstood a schedule? You know, it probably worked out. In conclusion, I feel wonderful after a day of virtually all things collapsing.

Just Say No to Frustration! I promise you, you'll feel so many goods.

LC & Me, Gradj 2010

We're so happy you're so happy!
Just as long as you stay happy,
we'll stay happy!

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Lauren said...

It makes me so happy to see this picture of us! Light me up when I'm down, sister!