Saturday, February 26, 2011

Jersey Shore & Teen Mommas

Japanese homestay momma with grandkids, 2008

Today I ran 20 miles. Officially the longest run I am doing before the actual marathon. I really hope I can do it. I definitely feel optimistic--but not exceedingly so. Either way--finishing or not--I get to spend the weekend at a nice little beach resort with Nac. Not bad.

While running (at the gym--it was cold) I watched most of a pretty bad movie: Deliver Us From Eva. Wow--L.L. Cool J at his worst! When a Tyler Perry movie came on, I switched to Jersey Shore and Teen Mom 2. Man, the people on these shows are kinda bonkers.

Mainly, I am interested in the very dramatic romances. The teen couple with a baby who constantly argue about nothing. Sammi Sweetheart and Ronnie who continually bring up all the horrible things they have done to each other then suddenly get all weepy and apologetic.

What's weird is that often adults have dramatic stories about past lovers. And it's kind of vague, "Well, your dad wasn't treating us right. So I left him." And the kid assumes it was very adult and severe. But the kids of these clowns are going to see, "Okay...actually y'all were just emotional and nuts." Isn't that interesting? That those little babies in Teen Mom 2 are going to be sixteen and watch this show all about their mommas at the same age and be like, "Mom. You crazy."

Incidentally: THIS WEEK is eating disorder awareness week! (See previous post.)

Girls become lovers who turn into mothers,
so mothers, be good to your daughters too.

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