Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Attack It Now

Tokyo, 2008

Today was another snow day here, but I still had work to do. I shoved on my boots and trekked to the office. No one else had come in. I was alone at my desk--half nose to the grindstone, half a child jumping on her bed, or, in my case, playing a video of the slide theme song from Mario 64 Vince sent me.

And suddenly, the heart heave was back. But today it was a heart pop. A little POP.

OW, I said. What's going on in there?

Wizzy was on GChat, so, being alone in the office and all, I started talking with her. I didn't have a direction at first, but after a few minutes of chatting around the problem, I was able to figure out what was bugging me, and she, of course, gave me some great ideas to help squelch the POP.

Done. I'm glad I attacked right then. Right at the first POP I said, "Halt. Somethin' ain't right, and that ain't right. REINFORCEMENTS!"

It's like what Hilmo told her camper who claimed she always gets homesick at the end of the first week of the summer. Hilmo was like, "You better take care of that now, lady friend! If you saw a monster one-hundred miles away, but coming towards you, would you just wait until it was right in front of your face to do something, or start figuring out resolution immediately?"

Well, dur! Why do we ever wait!?


I am the road leading to no return--secret of life nobody want to learn.


Holly said...

I almost quoted this post in an academic meeting this afternoon. But when I remembered it was from neither a CS publication nor a scholarly article, but from the awesomeness that is your blog, I thought that it might be so hard to explain the source that the pertinence would be lost in the cloud of explanation. But it made an impact on me, so thank you :)!

Elleoneiram said...

Jet is this Japan? Also, hello!