Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Birthdays: Part II

In response to my birthday's post, my friend Wizzy sent me this e-mail:

"i guess this is her get out of jail free card for the rest rest of her life.

MARCH 5!!!!! IF YOU FORGET MINE I'LL FORGET YOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I love that girl like a fat kid loves...


You thought I was going to say "cake"! Well, come off it! A. That's a cliche, and while not all cliches are inherently poison, this one is as it is offensive. B. Not all fat people love cake. In fact, some fat people don't love sweets at all. IT COULD BE GLANDULAR. Whatevs. Point is: I love the girl hella, and I won't forget her birthday.

In a brand new city got my whole team wit me tonight, tonight. I do it how I wanna do.

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