Saturday, February 5, 2011

Birthday Idea

Pookie eatin' a brownie. Last month.

Something I do miss about Facebook: knowing when the heck people's birthdays are!

My peers' brains have mutated to cut out the "Remembering Birthdays" wrinkle. For real. I can't remember birthdays for the LIFE of me. I used to be able to! Like in middle school! Now? Heck no. Facebook was super helpful in that regard. So, now I'm just a forgetful trashbucket friend. I was feeling guilty about this today when suddenly I conceived a FABULOUS idea!

On your birthday, you should celebrate other people you love! Think about it! Instead of remembering swarms of arbitrary dates, you just remember one--yours--and give all the people you're currently diggin' gifts. Also! You can still have a big birthday party, but it's in celebration of others instead of you--but they are the others in YOUR life, so, super fun guest list picking! Also, instead of one pukeload of gifts and love per year, you get little reminders all year!


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