Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Lake Michigan with all her moods and Slou

I never drink bottled water. It's lame. It's the fastest and most expensive energy-suck I can think of that virtually everyone can quit.

However, after running a 5K last week I was dizzy dizzy dizzy dizzy dizzy, so I drank one. How do we feel about this exception? I've done runs before and declined the free water--to make a point. (I just know my sister is out there reading this smacking her forehead and calling me an idiot.) But, I was cray cray after this one. I did the smart thing. How could I get around this issue in the future? How many exceptions can one make on promises before it counts for naught?

Hmm every little bit counts? Something like that?

Every day seems a little longer,
Every way, love's a little stronger

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