Monday, August 23, 2010


Great inspiration for today--
We're all familiar enough with "Truth makes man free." I believe it fully. But, I always think "free" as in the noun. Being truthful, experiencing Truth, makes me to be free! But, try this on for size my friend! "Truth makes man free" as in a VERB! Blew your mind open?! Yes, it's true either way you slice it. Being truthful lights a passion within you to let others share perfection and freedom. So, really, by being free, and then encouraging others to see truth does not only help those others but inherently demands that they take up their part in freeing as well. Woo! An end to slavery of all kinds!

Fourth of July, 2009: KWall, Cocoa, Me

I won't let you down. I will not give you up.

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