Saturday, August 21, 2010

Something Corporate, Kansas City, August 19th

Something like a Setlist

Straw Dog
Punk Rock Princess
Watch the Sky
I Woke Up in a Car
Globes & Maps
Cavanaugh Park
21 and Invincible
Only Ashes
Me and the Moon
She Paints Me Blue
Drunk Girl

The Astronaut
If You C Jordan

Something to Remember the Night

Something Good
I'm really glad I went ahead and drove many miles and spent many dollars on this concert. It was, well, heck with the good writing, it was awesome. All the guys were stoked to be playing their old stuff. A reunion tour in a packed little theatre. I was happy as a clam bake. Today I am taking time for me. Gathering together, pulling in flecks of sand and paper, making a life. Kay flew out. I'm being alone. I'm writing and scrimping, biding my time, crunching the numbers, making the calls, praying.

Something Corporate
You will have had your fun. Do you even remember?

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Dillinger Family said...

i stumbled on to your blog trying to find the setlist from the KC show. Hurricane was actually played after Drunk Girl. (we got video of them leaving the stage).
I have a huge love and respect for Something corporate. I will probably continue following your blog :) Thanks for the list!