Sunday, August 15, 2010

Creme Puffs, Wedding Cake, and Assorted Memories

Well, How-dee DOODY hasn't it been a busy weekend?

Yesterday Kay and I went to Mr. and Mrs. Blitzkrieg's wedding! It was a lovely affair. Mrs. B was my best friend when I was fifteen. It was harder to keep in touch when I moved, but we're still pals. She and the Mr. started dating in the midst of our best-friendship, so it was wild to see them actually tie the knot! High School sweeties. My heart piddles.

Me & Mrs. B August 2009

Anyway, I knew a couple people there from a high school. Twins who did speech with me, a sister here, a brother there, and Kay ironically got seated right next to one of the groomsmen who I actually dated for like a couple seconds six years ago. Anyway, in my mind weddings are so awesome. All stuff I like: dancing, love, food, an emphasis on cake, etc. But, then, you're there, and you're just kind of tired, and there are strangers, and music is eclectic so you can't really dance...a lot...and weird...the party's not as happening as you thought. Okay, well, I'm not disappointed at all because the actual wedding wedding part was very important to me. It's just this thing about expectations.

Today my dad, Kay, and I woke up early to head down to the State Fair. We met my sister and braved the blistering heat for some country bumpkin fun. On the way down I tried to remember our last visit. I was five or six. My dad just won a small contest at his newspaper, and said how he was using the money to buy us all creme puffs! So, we got there, and it was nice. But--just nice. It was hot. HOT. And, yes, we saw the butter cow, and the salesmen with their slimy pitches, and yes, Kay even MILKED his first cow. California boys. Pssh.

The creme puffs...were not actually good. Goopy and way too much sugar. The diving show...had some technical difficulties. The rides didn't look so appealing...suddenly it was like, "Okay..why are we here?" Again, don't get me wrong, it was a great day all in all...but those expectations.

Kay's Illinois Thanksgiving 2007

Honestly, the best parts of the whole weekend were playing improv games with Char and Kay on the dark ride home from the fair.

You remind me of a girl
that I
once knew.

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