Friday, August 27, 2010

Pride 'n' Joy

a friend finishing a triathlon, 2010

Walked down to the grocery store today. It gives me pride and joy to walk places. Obvi the electrolytes are all pumping through me and gas is sitting in my tank instead of pumping through the air. So, that's nice. Saving money, saving environment, gettin' a little exercise...but also! I had the pleasure of walking through the park, of noticing the store windows, of appreciating the weather, AND stopping in a restaurant to play two games of Pac-Man.

In hindsight, I would not deprive myself of the walk. I find such a mindset to be very valuable to making my life choices. Simple: do things that in hindsight will make you proud. It's so nice to fill my life with pride. Think of it on a daily basis:

Some Basic Daily Choices
Run or skip it?
Drive or walk?
Write or skip it?
Eat three bowls of ice cream or five?
Tip the waitress well or averagely?

Besides the second to last one, it is clear which actions make me proud. So, that's easy. Just keeping doing proud things. They should make a TV show about it! The proactive lifestyle for you and your family! The Proud Family! Oh...wait...?

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