Friday, August 13, 2010


ganked from Mia--SoCo in STL just a few daysies ago

It's that time again. That time I think a lot about Andrew McMahon. By this time next week I'll have seen Andrew in concert for my 6th time--which really doesn't even feel like a lot. Anyway, I'm especially excited because this will be my first Something Corporate show. I mean, so what if I'll have to drive a couple hours out of the way in the middle of a very busy time (what starting a job what?)...Worth. It. Who knows if they'll ever be back together AGAIN.

Anyway, I started the creeping process, and, naturally, googled blogs that have mentioned Andrew, and what should I find but a photo blog featuring a couple old shots of Andy AND A TON OF SHOTS FROM THE EXACT LOCATION I JUST SPENT MY SUMMER UP IN BUFU MICHIGAN. Say who?

Kay and Cocoa on the dunes this summer

Maybe I do and maybe I don't, but I know I haven't yet.

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