Thursday, August 26, 2010

A New School Year

Resolved: The American school system should move forward to begin in November.

Support One: How beautiful it was tonight as I walked along the canal outside my father's house--cool, crisp, aromas of burning leaves and sweaters coming out of the closet. Students would be free to enjoy the perfect weather and feel grateful to be shoved back into buildings as the climate became more bitter (instead of more beautiful).

Support Two: The holiday schedule of our country would align nicely to the new schedule. Halloween would be a last hurrah before the school year, and Thanksgiving would be a brief beginning break (akin to Labor Day). A half-week Christmas break would serve as a stopping point between quarters, and Spring Break would be longer. A long spring break makes the most sense ever, does it not?

Contention One: Isn't summer the best time to have kids free? Or, late spring for some schools?
Answer: No. Summer is mainly too hot to enjoy. Having a fall break would be much more relaxing, and there is not much wrong with having shorter nights for the bulk of a school's vacation. Spring and early summer are also prone to more allergy-issues than fall. Again, happier children.

Contention Two: But, what about swimming etc?
Why can't everyone swim during the end of the school year for pizza'a sake? We only fill our breaks with children bopping around in pools endlessly because that's a good activity for the time we have off. Plus, most schools will still have August off.

In conclusion, all American schools should begin in November instead of September or August. Thank you.

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