Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ender Will Save Us All

Ender's Game is ending. I have really enjoyed reading this book. I don't want it to end. I'm milking the last chapter for all its worth. (Also, I don't have another read on hand.) Kids do so much. But, I really don't love living in a society that says that is strange, nor one that says there is a peak on excellent achievement. If I were ever a teacher, which I will be, I am unsure of how I would promote students' greatness while sticking true to my thought that it's not so crazy incredible to achieve, to be wise, to create in youth. In fact, it's often easier. I just love everyone greatly (equally) and celebrate everything--with a grain of salt.

They get nostalgic 'bout the last ten years before the last ten years have passed.

Lazz & Blanchie, May 2010

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Katherine Melissa said...

The amazing achievements children make is a theme I have been contemplating this summer as well. My younger brother has amazing musical talent, and this achievement of talent is one that he has been told he has that makes him special and different from other people, not only children, ever since he began playing out with my parents. I love this talent, but I also wonder if this talent has made it difficult for him to hang out with other people his own age. I wonder if this is important, or just one of society's norms. The other day my brother said this summer has been different from most because he hasn't hung out with any of his friends or people his own age. Does achievement create barriers between peers, and does this matter? I don't know. I enjoyed this post Alice. :)