Sunday, February 21, 2010

Well. Guess Who I've Got in My Trunk?

Nac ruins LZ Babes shot, LZ Babes ruin me by shoving food in my face
Like a well I remember from one of Thomas Jefferson's estates in Colonial Williamsburg, there is sometimes a depth unimaginable. I was in second grade when we went on that trip. I was excited to see Felicity's (the Revolutionary War American Girl) property. While there, one of my prized souvenirs was a small cloth dolly. As our tour reached that dark well, bottomless, a took a chance and hung my new toy over the edge. My dad made an impromptu theme song "The Daring Young Dolly!"

I imagine that well, losing my grip, needing the longest chain for a bucket to lower down and fetch her.

Xtian, a great future director

I feel that well in myself today. The gratitude I have for improv comedy is bottomless. I have no other way to describe it. This year especially...the pre-show love, the endless support, the black out punch of Bill Cosby in Bradley's trunk, selling handsaws, jersey voices, the PERFECTION. Yes, I will say it. Yes, it was. Yes, it is.

I'm on the edge. I'm on the edge. I disconnect my heart my head.

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