Saturday, February 27, 2010

Two Tragedies, Only One Happy Ending

1. Valentine's Day morning when I got back to my house after having the LZ Babe slumber party I found this from Kay:

I ate one last week for lunch the day I got sick, needless to say, I neglected its sister until today I realized it was mushy and bad. I took it out with the trash to the dumpster and looked forward to throwing it on the pavement near the parking lot. Seeing fruit explode is mighty appealing to me. I was giddy imagining the green and brown chunks fly up from the ground. And then I dropped it. Right into the dumpster on accident. Eff.

2. In my state of panic I dropped my whole trash can in the dumpster. I leapt and fished with my arms for it, but I was just a little too short. Angry and persistent, I did not notice another guy from my house watching as he walked to his car. I remembered The Sitch and his friend playing ping-pong in the rec room. I busted in and asked their help. The Sitch came outside, made fun of me, and grabbed it easily with his lanky arms.

So, final count: no avocados to smash, but one trash can. I guess that's alright.

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