Saturday, February 20, 2010

For Health and Strength and Daily Bread

Nac, LZ Practice 2009

Up so early, battling this headache. Last night was worse. I did not appreciate sickness coming to me in my last opening night of Lazy Zipper Improv. But, there is always something to be grateful for--the feeling of healing for one. At intermission Nac sat outside on the wet cement blocks behind the theatre with his arm around me. "Please just let me get through one more hour," I thought. And, I meant it with strength. And those hopes and pleas do not happen every day. Outside in February as Blink-182 blared as pre-second act music.

The entire cast supported me, loved me, were aware of my wounds even when they wanted to be fiercely focused on the next thing and the next and the jokes and the next. I had expected a full recovery by morning, and I still expect one by tonight, but for now I can know there is gratitude here and now even with my head pounding and my stomach turning.

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