Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Small--the list of things I wanted to do in London my first time there, August 2006. We arrived and battled the time change with an immediate tour. Big Ben--the first item to be crossed off. Vince and I smiled our best under the drowsiness. Later, I tried to convince him to Tate with me. but he could only sleep. At night, passed out, I dreamt a man was in my room touching my body. I woke up to a puddle of chocolate. A Cadbary bar Vince had slipped under my pillow.

Today I reached the top of a roller-coaster and sighed soundlessly. I looked into eyes and read the last 200 pages of Beloved. My mind raced with baby ghosts and I rehearsed the best I could with Huntie even though my body was bubbling and tying itself into heavy ropes.

And you will take the heavy stuff, and you will drive the car, and I will look out the window and make jokes about the way things are.

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