Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Ain't Bluffin'

another time I pigged out with Kay: 19th birthday

Today's English Muffin Count: 3

1. Eggs Benedict Thursdays. I ate two benedicts, so that means one whole muffin. I ate one of the egg delights with my bare hands because Grinz remarked that if we were in India we wouldn't have utensils. So, we set to work munching and gooing all over ourselves. When Lando One joined us we announced hand-eating was the rule. He took a fatty bite. Hollandaise was all over his face.

2. After the Immanuel Jal talk (which I truly enjoyed) I went to Kay's room to hang out. I was a bit hungry, so I ate a fancy one from a huge box his mom sent him from some nice bakery shipping company. It was "cherry jubilee" flavored.

3. We hung out for an hour or so, and then as I was leaving he said he was going to eat a "wild Maine blueberry" one. I thought I would join in...really high-quality muffins.

So, three English muffins in one day. Holla.

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