Thursday, February 4, 2010

Slice of Slice

In accordance with my general desire to constantly make lists, sometimes I just list my top five favorite things of this moment in time. Right now:

1. "MmmBop" coming up on shuffle. It always makes me think of dancing in LaMa's room in 5th grade. That and Joseph Gordan-Levitt because I thought he was cute on Third Rock and he had long hair like Hanson.
2. When Muff accidentally calls Blanche Muff.
3. Jergens lotion that gets my skin through the harsh Elsah winters.
4. White Noise which I am currently reading and enjoying.
5. Having a computer on my lap in my bed. Can't take that for granted.

On the title: This is a slice of my life, and I've been enjoying how The Sitch calls me "Slice"--originated by swapping my first letter of my last name with the first letter of my first name.

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