Thursday, February 25, 2010

In Power for the Hour

Today I found out Something Corporate is playing in Chicago May 15th.YES, THE SoCo that broke up years ago. I was literally stunned with excitement. If you know me, you know my biggest vice is Andrew McMahon. Sure, I pig out on desserts, have sprawls of laziness, and have terribly embarrassing taste sometimes (see High School Musical soundtracks on my iPod)...but, by far, I am nearly a slave for my interest/love of Jack's Mannequin and SoCo.

I have no shame. Everyone has their interests which include one or two hyper-interests that may ignite more sensitive emotion than others. I don't have to explain it because I trust you have one (or a few).

Anyway, dizzy with excitement (already planning where I was going to stay, who might go with me, what I might scream them to play)...I checked the calendar. Two things happening May 15th here at school: tech day for the spring play and Spring Formal. Immediately, I knew I was missing the concert.

1. Theatre here has been, for lack of a better word, a god-send. I am definitely going to be in the show next quarter, and I would not hinder my chances at casting by having a conflict on tech day. Done.
2. However silly this sounds, I am looking forward to Spring Formal to cap my college social life. Bam.

So, no Andrew. This blows me away. It might sound pathetic that this choice rings with greater self-control than I thought I had...but it does. SO. In honor--two pictures. Spring Formal (my first) and tech day last spring.


KDunt said...

yeah I'm in your spring formal picture! downside: I was the 7th wheel. awesome.

KDunt said...

correction: I was the 11th wheel. even better.