Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Crazy Legs

wish today were as nice as this May day in 2006, Slou and I found a turtle outside Prin
Usually, I work out in the morning. It's just how I like to roll. First things first, run a little, lift some weights, etc. etc. Bam. Already been productive AND can justify a mid-morning snooze. But, today, I ditched the gym to study for my philosophy test (this time on the morality of war). So, I just worked out. Then, two things made me make a somewhat rash choice:

1. I hate putting on pants once they are off.
2. My legs get really hot when I run.

Can you guess? I walked across campus in my gym shorts. Today. The most frigid day with nasty brisk wind since December in Chicago. Actually, it wasn't so bad. I got some looks, but I just stared at the ground a hustled along. I don't need to justify myself! What? Like wearing pants REALLY keeps you that much warmer. Really? With one little cloth between your naked knees and winter wonderland?

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