Saturday, July 16, 2011

Three Awesome Things

1. Hiking at a state park with Dad this morning. The trails aren't long, but very up and down, up and down. After we got to one canyon, we passed a big family of Mexican people all rapidly speaking in Spanish. One overweight, sweaty woman was shouting, but wearing a huge smile. I did not know, but I would guess she was saying, "More stairs!? More freaking stairs!?" I loved that woman.

2. Baking fresh brownies this afternoon and watching a lame horror flick while slowly eating through the pan. Lazing and not having to care about anything is king on Saturday afternoons.

3. Going on an evening walk along the town canal with my iPod shuffling up Elliot Smith as the sun set.

I almost forgot it was twilight.

1 comment:

Dogearedbook said...

Random weird thing: I was painting the farm house listening to Elliot Smith and for some reason I thought of you. Then I thought, "I bet Alice has never heard of Elliot Smith". I love being wrong.