Monday, July 18, 2011

My Heart

In other news, I am cleaning and organizing and packing up my possessions. I come across funny things like this fill-in-the-blanks heart from a doodle/activity book I had when I was 11. The instructions say to write in what takes up space in your heart:

Please note that in my 6th grade heart--

1. "The Simpsons" are almost twice as big as "religion."
2. But "The Simpsons" match "Britney Spears" in importance.
3. "Pork" is bigger than all three.
4. The "Rainforest Cafe" is comparable to my interest in "singing."
5. At least I had the decency to give "Mom" and "Dad" equal, biggish spaces.*
6. Nevermind "Acting" got the biggest space.

*My sister does not have her own space, but neither do any of my friends. I am guessing I went with the lump "Best Friends" to free up the spaces for the other important stuff like "Eloise" and "Boling."

The way that you feel could never be real,
I want you to know I finished the deal.

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