Friday, July 1, 2011


Having a lot of trouble getting motivated in my creative endeavors as of late. I guess because 1. I know I will be sinking in creative endeavors in just a couple months at school, so I 'm worried about burning myself out. 2. Because when I work on projects alone, in the end I usually step back and say, "I have no idea if this is the best or worst thing I have ever done." 3. What's the point?

Recently on this blog I wrote, "Everything you do is important." I think that's true--otherwise I wouldn't have written it. If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem! Right? But, gee does it get tiring--especially when you have no visual meter for the importance of said activities.

I had an inspiring experience last night though. I saw stand-up with Nac downtown. We had a really good time. Leave it to us to sketchily stash a ton of Reese's Cups in my purse and eat them in a not-so-dark performance venue.

Anyway, the drive home was BRUTAL. I haven't been to sleep later than 10:30 since getting home from Europe. It was just past 11 when we called it a night, but I figured the drive would be okay. Ugh. I was wrong. It was raining, every highway I took was under massive construction, hence traffic was a nightmare, I felt insanely hopped up on sugar, and did I mention I was OUT OF MY GOURD SLEEPY?

The real clincher was that on a usually already congested part of 1-90, construction had scrunched the highway into two lanes. Right lane was mostly truckers, and the left lane was marked off by those big orange traffic barrels. Whoever laid those barrels must have thought he was real funny, because they were IN the left lane. So, on my left as I'm driving on a city highway are these orange barrels, and on my right--trucks. It took all the mental strength I could muster to time narrowly avoiding the barrel by waiting for a break in the line of trucks and swerving right and vice versa. I know this all sounds complicated, but the point is--IF THE DUDE (OR WOMAN) IN CHARGE OF PLACING THOSE BARRELS HAD JUST DONE A GOOD JOB, I WOULD NOT CURRENTLY HAVE A BABY ULCER.

It really does matter. It REALLY does matter.

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