Thursday, July 21, 2011

CT05 Trip 2KX+1

Me & Slou, December 2010

Hey, Dudes:

Tonight Wizzy and Slou made it into town. We went out for Italian, and I used my napkin to mop of pizza grease while the za was still supes hot. So there was a light layer of paper on top of the cheese that could not be separated! It was either lose the napkin bits and the cheese or just go with the slight garnish of paper.

I went with eating paper.

I swear I could not even tell the difference! Nevertheless, Slou cracked up when the waitress asked how my pizza was while eyeing it suspiciously.

The point of the story is that we're all hitting the road at 5 AM tomorrow for our lady trip of the year, and I am not bringing my computer! And then I'm moving to Arizona! patient, Alice Out Of Context lovers!

Love Yas!

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