Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I Do the Best Imitation of Myself

ME: How do you feel about pretending to be me for something?
POOKIE: for what?
ME: A play-reading.
ME: I submitted [a play] to be read by a local group and they want to do it in August.
ME: But I think they want the playwright to be there.
POOKIE: i think it would be very hard to be you successfully
POOKIE: frankly, i'm impressed you manage it
ME: Pretend to be me!
POOKIE: It makes me nervous!
POOKIE: I just watch those people inthose dumb romantic comedies
POOKIE: where they lie
POOKIE: for some benevolent reason
POOKIE: and then before you know it they're embroilled in some zany plot
POOKIE: and then you show up and my new boyfirend who's calling me Alice is all confused

Last night I was east with them and west within
trying to be for you what you wanna see,
but I can't help it with you.
The good and bad comes through--
don't want you hanging out with no one but me.

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