Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Chocolate Eclair Bar

I just rode around in an ice cream truck! My dad was interviewing the ice cream truck lady for a newspaper story, so, guess who got to tag along? Moi, that's who.

Ice Cream Facts:

-The woman who runs the truck started it because the old ice cream man used to peddle drugs with the ice cream. One night she had a vivid dream about starting an alternate ice cream service, and she got to work.
-She believes this was a message from God, and she refers to God as her boss.
-If I drove an ice cream truck, I would weigh 480 pounds.
-By the end of the half hour excursion, I could barely concentrate I wanted an eclair bar so bad.
-The Spongebob popsicle is most popular with kids.
-The Chaco Taco most popular with men.
-Char bought me the dang Good Humor eclair bar.
-He got a Chaco Taco.
-We ate them on his front porch in the cool summer air.

Ice cream in Germany!

Hold me down, sweet and low, little girl.
So hold me down, and I'll carry you home.

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