Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hey, Cupcake

Cupcakes from Muff + Jamba = <3

When you have no source of income, turns out money goes really fast! I've always been pretty miserly--even as little girl I was always calculating my finances and haggling at garage sales. So, especially when I'm keeping finances tight it seems like I wouldn't spend that much, right? But things happen where I'm like, "Ugh. Lotion. I need lotion." And then LOTION COSTS SIX DOLLARS! Did you guys know that? Lotion! You used to be cool! Now you're all, costing more than two boxes of granola bars! Whatevs, y'all. The lotion had to be purchased. My kneecaps were ashier than a tray.

The good news is that 1. I start getting paid for my TA work in two weeks. and 2. I had a great interview this morning. I think I got the job, but I find out officially tomorrow. If I get this job I will be so so so excited!

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