Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Getting to AZ

Pookie and me in matching tees. Sunday.

What an absolute WHIRLWIND of a week. For those of you keeping track:

-My sister and I roadtripped from the Midbest to AZ. This was pretty much entirely enjoyable and entertaining. We listened to a lot of Next to Normal and the Bossypants audiobook. We also got to stay with Wizzy in Okla and I finally used a voucher for a free stay at a deluxe hotel in New Mexico! Boy, did we need it. Pookies were tired, so tired, one of the pookies accidentally fell asleep at 10 PM while watching The Adjustment Bureau. Boop.
-I got more and more giddy with each hour of the drive into AZ. We saw A REAL LIFE TUMBLEWEED Y'ALL. Mountains! Red Dirt! Cacti! I love the land here.

View from a lookout point off the highway. Saturday.

-We stayed with my aunt's best gal pal--a true delight. She cooked us amazing veggie cuisine and made us feel at home. A very necessary feeling during days of apartment hunting.
-We spent hours and hours and hours making/meeting/enduring appointments to see different housing options for me all around the city. Some sketchy, some decent--ultimately, I settled on sharing a condo with two other students a mile away from campus. I just moved in today!

Those are the basics for now! It's weird being in a new city pretty much all by myself, but today was a great day. Tomorrow I will bring on the real deets. I just couldn't in good conscience go to sleep another night with the most recent entry of my blog being a lameo poem about the sunset. SO LAME.


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