Friday, March 15, 2013

Wall Decor in My Direct Eyesight as I Sit at My Desk and Work on Play Revisions This Friday Night as My Phone Dings with Invites Behind Me (It's Fine, I've Made It Impossible for Me to Break My Own Promise Not to Go Out Tonight By Getting into an Oversized T-Shirt with a Roadrunner on It)

signed Andrew McMahon poster
Horton Hears a Who greeting card
ripped up card that reads "Life is to be spent not saved"
photo of me and Muff backstage during Summer Brave
" me and Kath at camp
" me and Heart in Chicago
" my sister, mom, and me on Mother's Day 2012
red paper crane
greeting card that reads "I love you like biscuits love gravy"
postcard of a snail jumping through a flaming hoop
"drawing of an artist's studio
"oceanside porch in Spain
mini-print of a French piece--a pink oval with "BE CALM" inside
Yup. That's The Special Edition The Craft DVD.

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