Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Some Things about Forgetting Your Phone at Home

-I have absolutely no concept of time. I have asked a lot of strangers for it.
-Made plans for tonight that are contingent upon a play I am attending. I will show up when I show up. I tell this to Bisque, and he says, "It will be just like the 90s!"*
-Freeing. There is nothing in my hands.
-I wanted to take a picture of the sunny palm trees. No dice.
-This should be a post about the beautiful people of Chicago, Illinois. But the photos are on my phone.
-Hope there were no emergencies today with people near and far.

*Friday night I got off at the wrong el stop when meeting Sitch for dinner. I called and we tried to plan where to meet. "I suppose...we should just walk toward each other?" And Sitch was smart enough to specify which side of the street to walk down. East we decided, and as I hung up, I got a bitty chill. The mystery of when I will see my friend who I haven't seen in a long time! Even though we had just talked voicebox to voicebox. Oh, cell phones. Oh, cell phones.

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