Sunday, March 31, 2013


It is EASTER. And I am wearing a pink tank top. I had some Peeps for lunch. I ate them on Boulder's sofa while he and I whined into our open computers working on screenplays. There are worse problems to have. I eat the ears down. He does single bites, and his cheeks poof out like airbags.

Two nights ago, Bisque and I had a "Rags to Riches" date. (Term coined by him), which means we dressed up up--he in a button down, and me in the dress I wore to marry my best friend--and went to Taco Bell. Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos: B+. But the night ended at da fanciest steak house for ridiculously good strawberry shortcake. And that IS a Good Friday, I think.

A million X's. A million O's. Shout out to our Lord and Savior: the candy and taco franchises of da USA.

You found yourself a prophet, but you left him on the boardwalk.
Another chocolate Easter bunny, hollowed out by your talk.


Michelle said...

This collection of tags has to be my favorite yet.

Mahonri Stewart said...

"I had some Peeps for lunch. I ate them on Boulder's sofa..."

It took me a sec to realize you were talking about candy "peeps" here and not your friends... not that I thought you had actually gone cannibal on me, but I thought it was a hilarious typo for a moment.