Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Clara in AZ. September 2012.
When Clara started dating her ex-fiancee two years ago, she told me about their date when the boy wore serious work work work boots and a furry beard. He had gained pound and pounds since they had met, and she was on horrendous acne medication. A stocky bear and a tiny pussing nervous laugher. They fell in love, the first time for her. And she told me about this, she said "I always had an idea of what I would be when I could finally deserve someone perfect. I would have been fitter, had an education, clear face, poised dignity"...but that's not what she was. The good finds you in the state you're meant to have it. (Which is all states?) Real happiness isn't when there's zero discomfort, uncertainty, bad haircuts, mid-terms to grade. I hope not. Because then it will never come. Real happiness is Joy Despite.

Everything about you is how I'd wanna be.
Your freedom comes naturally.
Everything about you radiates happiness.
Now I won't settle for less.

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Mahonri Stewart said...

I loved this one. Especially this phrase:
"Real happiness is Joy Despite."