Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Way Afternoons Should Be

I slept in, and it still took all my strength to go on a run. I wanted to run, but I also was just in love with my comforter today. I started House of Leaves, which sucked me in. I was the guts of a Pillsbury crescent roll, lazy, but not lazy. But, the sun peeked out of the cool desert sky, so I laced up and ran. I listened to the entirety of The Good Life's "Album of the Year" as I passed green-garbed folk, happily milling on Mill. My muscles relaxed. I came home and took a cold shower. Lunch at the sun-spotted kitchen table--the remains of a loaf of Irish soda bread. The raisins to sweet, the dough so thick. In my navy heart tank, I bundle back up into my sheets. Read more about a haunted house through courier type. I could. I could.

Wet hair on my pink pillow, a good book in hand. Nowhere to be. No impending deadlines.

It's Spring Break, yatches.

Spring was poppin’ daises up ‘round rusted trucks and busted lawn chairs.

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