Friday, March 16, 2012


Last night I saw Radiohead in concert. Here's what I think:

-It was huge. 20,000 people huge.
-This band has been popular, like, really popular, with all sorts of people for 20 years. What what what?
-The tiny little Tom moved his body like wild, but he was still so tiny.
-It was good, but my mind wasn't blown open, which is what people said would happen. Don't get me wrong, it was good. But my mind is chillin'.
-There are many parallels to Brecht and what happened last night. The A-effect, cigar theatre (people eating nachos pre-show since it was in a stadium), the purposeful cliche being loved by all ("High and Dry" and Brecht's Three Penny Opera).
-My favorite songs were the slow ballads. "Paranoid Android" was, of course, wunderbar, and "15 Step," but I liked "Lucky" maybe the best?
-Skars saw it with me. He sat on my left and yelled "Woo. Spring Break!" as we rallied for the inevitable encores.
-When its so big and bold and packed, I guess you just want music, but I would have liked some banter, some chatting. Let me know you, Radiohead!
-There are a lot of Radiohead songs that melt me right into a puddle of goop. Listening to those today--ones that weren't played last night--seemed...brighter? More electric? Like, I love this song, but now it's underscored with a personal...THING. I was there. I've been in a room with this voice. This stringy sweet voice.

15 Step
Little By Little
Pyramid Song
Daily Mail
Packt Like Sardines
Lotus Flower
There There
How to Disappear Completely
Kid A
Give Up the Ghost
Paranoid Android

And for a minute there, I lost myself.
I lost myself.

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