Saturday, March 24, 2012



The above is not a great photo of me and Muff, but it's us in our element. Chatting and writing together. Wearing trashy clothes. Hair mussed. Cozy. It's important that I show you this photo because it's an act of humility to say, "Yeah, this is actually how we look most of the time we're together. IT'S NOT ALL PHOTO SHOOTS IN CHERRY BLOSSOMS."*

IDEA FROM MUFF: Our issues exist in triangles.
The three sides are pride (we are boastful of this thing about us), but also insecurity (but we know this thing could be damaged, or go away, or others might not see it like we do), and judgement (because we have this thing, we find it ridiculous--literally--that others don't.)

An example might be a very pretty girl who is prideful, but also knows wrinkles are part of life (insecure), but still, she judges others with plain faces.

If you've got one, you've got 'em all. And these triangles can really break us. We stand in the middle of an idea and yoke ourselves to three contrasting but conjoined feelings. OR, we can break these triangles. And humility is the magic hammer, y'all.

*I accidentally typed "Cherry Clossoms"--which could either be a delicate tea cookie, or a lesser-known Japanese monster a la Mothra. "NAN DESU KA!? CRUROSSUM DESU!"

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