Monday, March 14, 2011

You ARE Full!

Be fulfilled today!
There is nothing you actually want that isn't within your grasp or that you don't already have!
Be fulfilled today!

It seems like most people figure out that "bad" vices aren't actually fulfilling--yet people can't quite break the mesmerism long enough to cut the habit I know about this. One of my vices was trashy magazines. I KNEW that reading Cosmo made me feel bad, but it was always just so flipping appealing in the airport shop. FINALLY, I cut the habit. But it took years.

But actually THINGS and STUFF--even "good" THINGS and STUFF are never going to be fulfilling. Succeeding in a work endeavor in itself is not fulfilling. However, expressing diligence and intelligence IS, and sometimes a goal is the vehicle for that expression.

Eating desserts can be a vehicle for gratitude, running the vehicle for endurance, fashion the vehicle for beauty. But sometimes there is no cake, no treadmill, not spring line, and then we cannot feel UNfulfilled because the stuff we're really after doesn't hinge on anything we don't already know, have, and do.

Breakfast in Chi with my aunt and uncle. 2009. Photo my Pookie. Chomp Chomp Chomp, Y'all.

When we are tempted to think But This Isn't Enough, stop, cut out the middle man of that promotion, that eclair, the applause and make circles with your hands and soul and say OH, Yes, It Is.

Hello World! It's like a different way of living now! Thank you, World! We always knew that we'd be free somehow.


Benjo said...

Fun fact: you have enough neurons in your gut to make up almost a whole cat brain. Obviously those neurons aren't as "smart" as a cat since they're there for a different reason - namely, to communicate to your brain what your gut needs. What the brain wants is often very different, or very exaggerated compared to the signals it's getting from the gut. Taking the time to listen hard for what your gut is literally trying to tell you about how hungry or full you actually are takes practice, especially since there is a delay in food intake relative to that signal being given (more reason to eat slower and enjoy every bite more), but it's totally worth it.

Trelawny said...

thanks :)